Our Services

BCT as an organisation operates a number of services for members, residents and the community including:

Group Transport

We are able to offer a safe and reliable solution for your organisation's transport needs with a fleet of maintained vehicles and a managed service.

Door to Door

BCT's CCS and Comride are a accessible and affordable transport service available to all members and residents who meet eligibility criteria. These services have been tailored with the elderly and individual accessible needs in mind. We feel the value in providing a service which allows otherwise homebound individuals to go out and about and mimimise loneliness and social isolation.

Currently there is very limited availabilty due to lack of funding. This is a key service provision for us, we understand individual needs and are taking steps to secure funding to get operating with full capacity. Please note that advanced booking is needed for this service.

BCT is working with the London Borough of Brent to provice accessible transport services to eligible clients as part of the personal budget which is managed by the adult social care team with the council.

School Bus Service

This service gives parents peace of mind as children are taken to and from school safely and on time. In addition we can also provide transport for activities such as classes for swimming/sport and day outings. This service is run in conjunction with affilated schools.

Community Day trips

We provide an excursions service tailored to suit and meet our local community demands such as trips to theme parks, sea sides, museums, castles,shopping centres like Lakeside and Blue Waters, festive bus and many more!. Always happy to organise a day out!

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